My artwork is very much inspired by nature, as well as my past. My dad used horses as much as tractors to do farm work, so I developed a love of the old ways and old things. As a kid I spent hours outside playing in the woods or in one of our barns on our dairy farm. I also spent many hours alone riding my horse on our farm. My love of the land around me lead me to landscape painting.

Looking at the landscapes hanging in my studio, I realize any of them could be a view I saw while on one of my rides. You might find old trucks in my landscapes, or old bottles in my still life work. The roof of a barn just slightly visible over a hedge row…an old truck parked in the weeds...or a farm road worn by years of wagons being pulled by horses, or a tractor. Well after my paintings are dry and hanging in my studio do I realize that kid that studied beauty around her while riding her horse, is trying to show me something. In a way I think I am trying to paint my way back home.

As I look back at painters whose work I admire, their work isn’t loud or shocking. I am drawn to beautiful, quiet, well executed pieces. My goal is to make honest work.

I hope when someone comes across one of my pieces they want to spend some time taking it in one inch at a time.